Silent chain

The Ever-power3/16″ pitch silent chain drive is a higher quickness power transmission medium that offers the utmost in performance and reliability. Quietness and strength are the result of unique design and manufacturing practices. Components are the finest alloy steels, properly warmth treated to resist wear and fatigue. Chain link and sprocket profiles are in accordance with practices set up by the chain market. Morse 3/16″ chain comes in noncorrosive types of materials. Morse 3/16″ pitch Silent Chain is produced in three basic types of assembly to provide complete insurance for all drive requirements. Eight standard widths deal with load ranges and speeds with economy and long chain lifestyle. Joining pin Insertion of the pin and cotter allows simple field assembly of the chain. Connecting link The connecting link is utilized when chain is certainly cut and assembled in the field. The connecting link consists of 1 pin link, inside hyperlink, 1 connector plate and 2 cotter pins. Take note: Use even quantity of pitches in chain. Offset or hunting links not available. • For standard drives, side guide chain is recommended for all chains up to 15/32″ wide (SCO315). • For regular drives, center guidebook is recommended for all chains 19/32″ (SCO319) and wider. • For serpentine drives, reversing secondary shaft rotation, or if adjustable idler {is required|is necessary

Ever-power Silent Chain can be an Inverted Tooth type drive providing particularly smooth, peaceful power transmission in higher boosts to 5000 FPM. The exclusive Morse Rocker Joint eliminates friction during chain articulation-permitting high rotative rate with much less wear and warmth. All of the silent chains and sprockets detailed are to the ANSI standard profile. Chain designation listed as example SC 408, indicating: S.C.-Silent Chain standard hyperlink profile and guide 4-Pitch in 1/8″ increments 08-Width in 1/4″ increments All sizes of chain and sprockets listed are of the Center Information type except SC302. Standards are not such that competitive chains could be connected together. They will, however, individually stepped on the same group of regular sprockets. Sprocket designation shown, as an example, 408-38: 4-Pitch in 1/8″ increments 08-Width in 1/4″ increments 38-Number of the teeth offset link section Adjustments of centers and an even amount of pitches in the chain length are desirable characteristics for all chain drives. Centers ought to be selected which result in an even amount of pitches in the chain length. When set centers necessitate the use of an odd number of pitches an offset link or hunting link can be utilized. As illustrated, this assembly, four pitches long, includes one row of offset links.

features • 99% Efficient Drives • Economical • Simple Installation • Long Life • Space Saver • Reduced Bearing Loads • Easy Drive • Quiet Drive • Cool Drive • Not Suffering from Atmospheric Conditions • Adaptable to Your Centers • High Speeds • Minimum of Maintenance • Adaptable to Swiftness Changes • Positive Drive-No Slip • Wide Speed and H.P. Range