Planetary gear motor

· 165RPM HD precision planetary gear motor
· Maximum torque: 680.5 oz-in. (12VDC)
· No load current: 0.53A
· Gear ratio: 51:1
The 12V, 165RPM 680.5oz-in Precision Planetary Gearmotor provides dual ball bearings, full metal gears, and intense power
· Dual ball bearings
· Full metal planetary gears
· Operating voltage range: 6~12VDC
· Rated voltage: 12VDC
· Ranked load: 7.3 kgf-cm (101.4 oz-in)
· Operating temperature: -10 ~ +60°C
· Stall torque: 49 kgf-cm (680.5 oz-in)
· Speed (no-load): 165 RPM
· Maximum current (no-load): 0.53A
· Maximum stall current: 20A @ 12VDC
· Dielectric strength: 250V AC
· Motor brush type: Graphite
· Output power at maximum efficiency: 11W
· Gear type: Planetary
· Gear ratio: 51:1
· Bearing type: Dual ball bearing
Gear Motor w/ Encoder
Product Highlights
· High-Power Gear Motor
· gearbox Nominal Voltage: 24V
· No Load RPM: 143
· Stall Current: 13A
· Stall Torque: 1472 oz-in
· Shaft Diameter: 8 mm
· Hall Effect Encoder Included
· High-Power Gear Motor
· Nominal Voltage: 24V

Planetary Gear Motor

The Ever-power IG52 motors are a revolution in the DC engine 24V 100W category. These industrial grade DC motor will be the workhorse for high load continuous use 24V DC engine industrial applications. The Ever-power IG52 motors have the following amazing features –
· Higher Torque to Volume ratio than any comparative electric motor in the category.
· Silent Operation in comparison with other make gear container motor.
· Very low simply no load current because of high precision gear package.
· High protection margin of in least 1.5 times the peak wattage rating.
· Suitable for continuous use in industrial applications
· Shaft provided with keyway slot and important for positive coupling applications.
· Alloy metal Shaft of 12mm offers a durable and durable output.
The Ever-power 750 rpm IG52 motor includes a rated torque of 10kgcm and a stall torque of 30kgcm. So the motor can be utilized uptill 30kgcm, however the motor should not heat up beyond 45 to 50 level centigrade. The base electric motor of the Ever-power IG52 motor is high quality industrial quality 100W 2810 rpm electric motor which alongwith the sturdy all metal planetary gear box supplies the 750 rpm at the output shaft.